Cyber resilience economic opportunity: key actions 2018-2021

The Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity action plan sets out the key practical steps we and our partners will take to grow Scotland’s cyber security industry.

4 Focus of This Plan

4.1 This action plan has at its core the concept of a Scottish cyber security cluster, which means the emergence of a new cluster of economic activity that creates a critical mass of competitive success, based on our technological, business and academic capabilities in this field.

4.2 As well as core supply-side companies, clusters encompass a whole ecosystem that includes suppliers, customers, related-industries, government, universities, supporting institutions and agencies – which, working well together, allow the cluster to flourish.

4.3 This plan is about creating the right conditions that will help our emerging cyber security cluster to develop and thrive. It focuses mainly on outcomes iv, v and vi (see figure 1). It aligns with the other plans described in section 5.



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