Cyber resilience economic opportunity: key actions 2018-2021

The Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity action plan sets out the key practical steps we and our partners will take to grow Scotland’s cyber security industry.

3 Introduction

3.1 There is a real opportunity for Scotland to be a world-leading nation in cyber resilience. Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland[4], was published in 2015. It set out Scotland's vision for a cyber resilient Scotland where:

(i) Our people are informed and prepared to make the most of digital technologies safely

(ii) Our businesses and organisations recognise the risks in the digital world and are well-prepared to manage them

(iii) We have confidence in, and trust, our digital public services

(iv) We have a growing and renowned cyber resilience research community

(v) We have a global reputation for being a secure place to live and learn, and to set up and invest in business

(vi) We have an innovative cyber security goods and services industry that can help meet global demand

These outcomes are mutually reinforcing, and progress towards one can help support progress towards another:

Figure 1

Figure 1



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