Cyber crime in Scotland: evidence review research findings

Summary findings from a review of the evidence around the scale and nature of cyber crime affecting individuals and businesses in Scotland.


1. Wall, D.S., (2017). Crime, Security, and Information Communication Technologies: The Changing Cybersecurity Threat Landscape and its Implications for Regulation and Policing.

2. Scottish Household Survey, 2016

3. Of those asked about in the Scottish Household Survey

4. Representative of businesses in scope of the survey, excludes some sectors and businesses with no IT capacity.

5. 31% very high, 43% fairly high

6. This is one of four categories Police Scotland use to record sexual crimes - the other three being 'Rape and attempted rape', 'Sexual Assault' and 'Crimes associated with prostitution'. 'Other sexual crimes' are made up of a wide range of sexual crimes, with the three most common being 'Communicating indecently', 'Cause to view sexual activity or images' and 'Indecent photos of children'.

7. Based on a sample of crimes recorded by the police.

8. Recorded Crime in Scotland: Other Sexual Crimes, 2013-14 and 2016-17.

9. Emotional and physical impact on victims of incidents of computer misuse, Year ending March 2017, CSEW

10. Will provide indicative findings. Data will not be included in the main SCJS incident or prevalence estimates.


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