Cyber crime in Scotland: evidence review research findings

Summary findings from a review of the evidence around the scale and nature of cyber crime affecting individuals and businesses in Scotland.


This desk-based review aims to contribute to the evidence base and aid understanding of how cyber-technology is impacting on crime in Scotland.

The review is set against the backdrop of a number of recently published strategies which emphasise the challenges and risks of cyber-crime. These include the Scottish Government's Justice Vision and Priorities, Cyber Resilience Strategy and Policing 2026.

To inform this on-going strategic work, a number of analytical workstreams are being undertaken across a range of organisations and this evidence review marks the Scottish Government's contribution to the initial phase of developing an evidence base.

Structured according to recorded crime groups, the review summarises key evidence from a number of existing Scottish and UK sources. It focuses on how cyber-crime is measured, the nature and extent of cyber-crime, apparent evidence gaps and potential evidence sources going forward. The review firstly considers crimes impacting individuals before turning attention to businesses.


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