A Culture Strategy for Scotland: draft for consultation

Public consultation document seeking views on a draft Culture Strategy for Scotland developed following engagement with people across Scotland during 2017.

A Culture Strategy for Scotland: Draft Strategy Outline

The strategy is bold and ambitious. It is centred on the fundamental value of culture and its empowering and transformative potential. It is committed to long term change through greater collaboration and integration across culture, communities and policy development

Vision Statements

  • Culture in Scotland is innovative, inclusive and open to the wider world.
  • Cultural excellence – past, present and emerging – is celebrated and is fundamental to future prosperity and wellbeing.
  • Culture’s empowering and transformative power is experienced by everyone.

Transforming Through Culture

Recognising that culture and creativity are central to Scotland’s cultural, social and economic prosperity.


  • Place culture as a central consideration across all policy areas
  • Open up the potential of culture as a transformative opportunity across society
  • Position culture as central to progress in health & wellbeing, economy, education, reducing inequality and realising a greener and more innovative future.


  • Developing a new cultural leadership post within Scottish Government, supported by strategic thinkers from across the culture sectors and beyond. The role will support creative and innovative thinking and highlight the benefits of a more connected and multi-disciplinary approach across all areas of Government and its major stakeholders to consider the big societal issues faced in Scotland today and in the future
  • Developing a national partnership for culture that includes working with academic partners to develop new approaches to measuring an extended view of culture and better articulate the benefits of culture to society
  • Developing alliances that support social change through culture and promote leadership and joined up working across the culture sector, other sectors, local and national government and communities.

Empowering Through Culture

Opening up and extending culture so that it is of and for every community and everyone


  • Extend the view of culture to include the everyday and emerging, the established and more formal
  • Develop opportunities for people to take part in culture throughout their lives
  • Recognise each community’s own local culture in generating a distinct sense of place, identity and confidence.


  • Promoting an inclusive and extended view of culture which recognises and celebrates the value and importance of emerging, everyday and grassroots culture and creativity
  • Developing an approach that supports long term partnerships between cultural and creative organisations, businesses and organisations in Scotland’s most deprived communities, including schools, care homes and organisations working towards achieving social justice
  • Exploring ways in which people can have a greater say in shaping the cultural life of their communities including participatory models of decision-making and community ownership.

Sustaining Culture

Sustaining and nurturing culture to flourish and to evolve as a diverse, positive force in society, across all of Scotland.


  • Develop the conditions and skills for culture to thrive, so it is cared for, protected and produced for the enjoyment of all present and future generations
  • Value, trust and support creative people – for their unique and vital contribution to society and the economy
  • Encourage greater openness and diverse cultures to reflect a changing Scotland in the 21st century.


  • Exploring new funding models to support the culture sector and to develop the creative economy that includes new partnerships and examining the potential of Scottish Government powers such as Scottish National Investment Bank, devolved tax and legislative powers that will generate a collective responsibility to supporting culture in the long term
  • Developing programmes to support skills development, leadership and innovation to prepare for the future including digital
  • Supporting the freelance cultural workforce and nurture skills, talent and excellence by exploring ways to improve their economic and social status and adopt a broad and long term approach to supporting skills development from early years onwards
  • Increasing inclusive opportunities to broaden the backgrounds of those working and volunteering in the culture sectors
  • Developing a longer term and more strategic approach to supporting international ambitions and partnerships across the breadth of the culture sector.

We are creative and our vibrant and diverse cultures are expressed and enjoyed widely


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