Criminal justice social work statistics: 2019 to 2020

National-level information, as well as some local authority breakdowns, on criminal justice social work activity in Scotland. Also includes data on justice social work services and social work orders, as well as characteristics of the individuals involved.

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Table 29 Drug treatment and testing orders terminated by outcome: 2019-20

Number of terminations Custodial sentence Community payback order New order Other penalty Other outcome
Total 513 Row %
Successfully completed/early discharge 199
Revoked due to review 170 25 4 3 11 56
Revoked due to breach 94 41 8 6 5 40
Transfer out of area 4
Death 23
Other 23 35 17 4 - 43

Note: Figures include DTTO IIs piloted in the City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian areas since June 2008 and in Highland since 2019. Row percentages are based on total orders where the outcome was known - there are a small number of cases where this information was not known.



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