Criminal justice social work statistics: 2019 to 2020

National-level information, as well as some local authority breakdowns, on criminal justice social work activity in Scotland. Also includes data on justice social work services and social work orders, as well as characteristics of the individuals involved.

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Table 24 Community payback order unpaid work or other activity requirements by whether completed to timescale and reasons for not completing to timescale: 2019-20

Total requirements successfully completed 7,347
Requirements completed within specified timescale 5,687
Requirements which completed within 3 months (level 1) or 6 months (level 2)1 2,540
Requirements completed within later timescale1 given by court 3,147
Requirements completed outwith timescale 1,660
Reason why requirements were not completed within timescale Non-compliance 21.2
Offender's paid employment 10.7
Offender's ill health 9.3
Difficulty finding suitable work 0.6
Suitable social work staff not available 0.9
Other: client based 34.9
Other: non-client based 22.5

Notes: The information in this table on reasons excludes some orders where this information was not provided.

1. The Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 defined the time limit for completion of an unpaid work or other activity requirement as "3 months or such longer period as the court may specify in the requirement" for level 1 and "6 months or such longer period as the court may specify in the requirement" for level 2. The changes to these time limits in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 took effect after the end of year 2019-20 and this table is therefore unaffected by those changes.



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