Criminal justice social work statistics in Scotland: 2015-2016

National-level information on criminal justice social work activity in Scotland, including data on criminal justice social work services and social work orders.

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Table 29 Drug treatment and testing orders terminated by number of breach applications: 2015-16

Number of terminations Breach applications (%)
None One Two or more
Total 555 64 34 2
Successfully completed/early discharge 275 94 5 1
Revoked due to review 134 51 49 1
Revoked due to breach 1 118 3 92 5
Transfer out of area 4 100 - -
Death 7 86 14 -
Other 17 88 12 -

Note: Figures include DTTO IIs piloted in the City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian areas since June 2008.

1. There are a small number of orders whose reason for termination was "revoked due to breach" but where there were no breach applications made. A court can issue a warrant for someone's arrest if they fail to attend a court review, and the court can then revoke the order without the local authority having to submit a breach report.


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