Criminal justice social work statistics in Scotland: 2015-2016

National-level information on criminal justice social work activity in Scotland, including data on criminal justice social work services and social work orders.

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Table 26 Reason for not meeting timescales for drug treatment and testing orders: 2015-16

First direct contact more than 1 working day after order imposed
Offender did not turn up 50.6
Offender ill 3.4
Offender in custody 1.1
Currently on order or supervision 1.1
Other: client based 6.7
Social worker not available 1.1
Other: non-client based 36.0
First case management meeting more than 5 working days after order imposed
Offender did not turn up 41.0
Offender in custody 2.6
Offender ill 3.8
Other: client based 21.8
Social worker not available 6.4
Other: non-client based 25.6

Notes: Figures include DTTO IIs piloted in City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian areas since June 2008. The first case management meeting involves clarifying requirements and expectations, and drawing up a case management plan. Orders transferred from other jurisdictions are not included.


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