Covid Recovery strategy activity overview and next steps report

This report identifies and captures key learnings from the implementation of the Covid Recovery strategy in order to inform future approaches to public service reform.

The changing context

While it was always anticipated that following the publication of the CRS, events would take place that changed the context in which it was operating, several global and domestic issues occurred that required a unique response from national and local government. This subsequently impacted the wider context in which the strategy was delivered and included the cost-of-living crisis and Ukrainian resettlement schemes.

The cost-of-living crisis resulted in a new group of people who were previously financially secure and stable at risk of facing in-work poverty. While the Ukrainian resettlement scheme became a focus for many Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and led to the de-prioritisation of other areas of work.

As a consequence of these events and their subsequent impact on the UK Government’s fiscal situation, the Scottish Government’s Resource Spending Review led to policy teams re-prioritising activity and funding in a more resource constrained environment.

These events have led to a significant change in the context in which we collectively operate as public services. They have moved the focus away from recovery from the pandemic to a wider view of the sustainability of public services. They have also further reinforced the need for the vision set out in the strategy that we cannot tackle the systemic inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic through returning to old ways of working.



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