Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: Scotland's route map update – 30 July 2020

An update to Scotland's Route Map, setting out further phase 3 changes, including the full and safe re-opening of schools.

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Outline of the key dates

Note: all of the following changes are subject to relevant public health guidance.

The following are confirmed dates

With effect from Saturday 1st August

  • Shielding will be paused.

With effect from Monday 3rd August

  • Relax certain restrictions on some support groups and services and for sports coaches – once relevant guidance is implemented. For example:
    • Non-NHS drug and alcohol support groups can provide essential services following relevant guidance and with physical distancing.
    • Relax restrictions on daily household limits for sports coaching – once relevant guidance is in place..
  • Routine eye care services can be provided within community optometry practices premises and in patients' own homes.

With effect from Tuesday 11th August

  • Schools - children to be able to return to school full time. Expect a phased return over the first week with all children back by 18 August.

With effect from Monday 17th August

  • Urgent dental care involving aerosols can begin to be provided in practices for NHS patients.

The following are indicative dates only – conditional on 20th August review

With effect from Monday 24th August

  • Live events (outdoors) with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers following relevant guidance
  • Organised outdoor contact sports can resume for all ages, following the guidance of relevant sports bodies
  • Snooker/ pool halls and indoor bowling facilities can re-open – following guidance.
  • Bingo halls can re-open with physical distancing and following guidance
  • Driving lessons can resume – following guidance
  • Amusement arcades and casinos can re-open following guidance including enhanced hygiene.
  • Funfairs - both static and travelling - can re-open subject to relevant guidance.

The following are indicative dates only – conditional on 10th September review

With effect from Monday 14th September

  • Live events (indoors) with physical distancing and restricted numbers – following guidance.
  • Other indoor entertainment venues (e.g. theatres, live music/concert venues) following guidance such as with physical distancing requirements. Note that this does not include nightclubs - we are unable to give a date for re-opening nightclubs at present, but we will engage with the sector and consider further at the next review.
  • Gyms (indoor) can re-open following relevant guidance including on physical distancing and enhanced hygiene. We will keep this under review to consider whether an earlier re-opening date is feasible.
  • Swimming pools (indoor) can re-open following relevant guidance. We will keep this under review to consider whether an earlier re-opening date is feasible.
  • Indoor sport courts can re-open with physical distancing and subject to relevant guidance, including skating and dance studios. We will review whether indoor classes for children can resume earlier or an earlier re-opening date is feasible.
  • Indoor soft play facilities can re-open following guidance, including enhanced hygiene.
  • Stadia (limited re-opening) – following guidance (e.g. physical distancing, restricted numbers) with tests for safe re-opening possible at earlier dates where agreed with the Scottish Government.

Not before 11 September – awaiting further review.

  • Non-essential offices and call centres can re-open following implementation of relevant guidance (including on physical distancing). Working from home and working flexibly remain the default

Scaling up of public services

During Phase 3, a range of public services will continue to safely re-open and expand.

Public transportcontinues to scale up to full services during Phase 3 with a move to 1 metre physical distancing, subject to appropriate risk mitigations, releasing further capacity in vehicles and vessels.

Scaling-up health and social care across Phase 3

Services will continue to scale up in line with NHS remobilisation plans.

Measuring the impact of changes

The Equality and Fairer Scotland Impact Assessment (EQFSIA) covering the Route Map is published and will be updated as we progress through the remaining Phases. We will publish other relevant impact assessments in due course.



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