Coronavirus (COVID-19): modelling the epidemic (issue no.101)

Latest findings in modelling the COVID-19 epidemic in Scotland.

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1. The UK POLYMOD figures from

2. From the 31st March 2022, panels A and B were merged into one survey and are run fortnightly. These data points are reported as at the first day of the survey round. Further details of this are presented in the Technical Annex of issue 99.

3. Axes have been re-scaled since previous publication to reflect lower testing rates.

4. For this graph, a wastewater Covid-19 average using the last 7 days of data is computed at every sampling date. Prevalence estimates and 95% confidence intervals from the ONS Coronavirus Infection Survey are overlaid, with a scale chosen to approximately match Jan/Feb trends in WW Covid-19.

5. Coverage as for week ending 1st June 2022.



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