Coronavirus (COVID-19): Justice Analytical Services data report - August 2020

Third release of a monthly data report on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the justice system in Scotland, including information from Police Scotland, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, courts and prisons.

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Subjects marked for court

The type of court proceedings appropriate for a case depends on the nature of the crimes or offences involved. The most serious crimes are marked for solemn proceedings, whilst less serious crimes and offences will be marked for Sheriff Summary or JP courts.

The number of people marked for proceedings in:

  • Solemn court (High Court or Sheriff & Jury) has been higher than 19-20 average levels since the middle of April.
  • Sheriff Summmary court has remained around 19-20 levels.
  • JP Court had been returning to 19-20 levels but has fallen again throughout July and early August and remains below 19-20 levels.
Line graph showing the number of subjects marked for court by COPFS.



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