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Coronavirus (COVID-19): help for people who need additional support

Helpline for those who do not have family or community support.

14 Apr 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19): help for people who need additional support

A helpline has been set up to provide essential assistance to those who do not have a network of support, but who may be at increased risk if they contract coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is for anyone who:

  • cannot get online
  • is over 70
  • is disabled
  • requires the support of mental health services
  • is pregnant
  • receives a flu jab for health reasons

The service offers help to people in these categories who do not have family or existing community support.

The helpline – 0800 111 4000 – will operate during core working hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, while plans are developed to extend it to operate for a longer period each day.

Callers will be automatically connected to their local authority who will support them to access the service they need, such as:

  • essential food and medication
  • links to local social work services for vulnerable children or adults
  • emotional support
  • contact with local volunteer groups

This service is in addition to local support already available for people who have received letters advising them to shield. If you in the shielding category and are not yet receiving assistance, you can access support via this helpline. 

Isolate and support data

We publish a monthly summary of management information provided by local authorities on support provided for self-isolation and to those in wider need during the coronavirus pandemic.