Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: Scotland's route map update - 9 July 2020

This publication sets out the move to Phase 3 in Scotland's route map through and out of the crisis.

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Phase 3

Epidemic Status

Virus has been suppressed. Continued focus on containing sporadic outbreaks.

Criteria/ Conditions

R is consistently low and there is a further sustained decline in infectious cases.

WHO six criteria for easing restrictions must continue to be met.

Any signs of resurgence are closely monitored as part of enhanced community surveillance.

Protections advised in each phase

Physical distancing requirements in place.

Frequent handwashing and hygiene measures for all.

Cough etiquette is maintained.

Face coverings in enclosed public spaces.

Face coverings are mandatory on public transport.

Mandatory face coverings in shops and other retail.

All decisions on phasing will be kept under review as the research evidence base on the impact of the virus and the effectiveness of different interventions builds.

As with previous phase but with the following changes:

Seeing family and friends

Outdoors – a household can meet up to 4 other households at a time – up to 15 people in total.

Indoors – a household can meet up to 2 other households at a time – up to 8 people in total. This includes overnight stays.

A household can meet up to 4 other households per day in total (this is in total – meetings indoors and/or outdoors)

The limit on the number of other households you can meet per day (indoors or outdoors) doesn't apply to young people who are younger than 18.

Children aged 11 or under no longer need to physically distance indoors. Young people aged 12-17 must continue to physically distance.

Extended Households: Non cohabiting partners (and any children under 18 in their households) can form an extended household without physical distancing.

Getting around

No restriction on travel in Scotland if acting in line with all other guidance which supports the Routemap.

Public transport continues to scale up to full services during this phase, as it moves to a 1 metre physical distancing model once appropriate mitigations are in place, but will continue to have reduced capacity.

May be geographical differences depending on circumstances.

Motorcycle instruction and theory/hazard tests can resume. Tractor driver instruction can resume – 22 July

Driving Lessons can resume – date to be confirmed.

Schools, childcare and other educational settings

Schools: From 11 August: Children to be able to return to school full time (conditional upon ongoing scientific and health advice). The blended model of schooling remains a contingency plan.

All childcare providers can open subject to individual provider arrangements – 15 July.

Universities and colleges –phased return to on campus learning as part of a blended model with remote teaching. Public health measures (including physical distancing) in place – 22 July.

Working or running a business

Non-essential offices and call centres can re-open following implementation of relevant guidance (including physical distancing). Working from home and working flexibly remain the default. – date to be confirmed – not before 31 July.

Shopping, eating and drinking out

Non-essential shops inside shopping centres can re-open (following guidance and with physical distancing) – 13 July.

Indoor hospitality (subject to physical distancing rules and guidance) – 15 July.

Hairdressers and barbers – with enhanced hygiene measures – 15 July.

Other personal retail services such as beauticians and tailors – with enhanced hygiene measures – 22 July.

Sport, culture and leisure activities

Organised outdoor contact sports, play and physical activity can resume for children and young people under 18 (subject to guidance) – 13 July.

Museums, galleries, monuments, libraries, various other visitor attractions, cinemas (including drive-ins and venues screening films) – with physical distancing and other measures (e.g. ticketing in advance) – 15 July.

All holiday accommodation permitted (following relevant guidance) – 15 July.

Live events (outdoors) – with physical distancing and restricted numbers. Date TBC – not before 31 July – Note: this broad category is under review to determine which types of events are safe to resume slightly earlier.

Live events (indoors) – with physical distancing and restricted numbers. Date TBC – not before 31 July.

Other indoor live-entertainment venues (e.g. theatres, music venues.)

Bingo Halls (with physical distancing) – date TBC – not before 31 July.

Indoor gyms – (with physical distancing and enhanced hygiene measures) TBC – not before 31 July.

Resumption of non-professional adult outdoor contact sports – date to be confirmed.

Community and public services

Further resumption and scaling up of public services and justice system processes and services.

Face to face youth work can resume outdoors (following relevant guidance) – 13 July.

Gatherings and occasions

Places of worship can re-open for congregational services, communal prayer and contemplation with physical distancing and limited numbers – 15 July.

Easing of restrictions on attendance at funerals, marriage ceremonies, civil partnership registrations, with physical distancing (limited numbers) – 15 July.

Health and social care

Health and social care services continue to scale up safely in line with the NHS Mobilisation plan. (See accompanying text for details.)

Notes: Please refer to the Phase 3 table for specific dates at which Phase 3 changes occur. Some changes do not yet have a confirmed date. Please refer to guidance for more specific details on each change.



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