Coronavirus (COVID-19) - replacement of National Qualifications exams in 2021 session: equalities impact and Fairer Scotland Duty assessment

Equality impact assessment to consider the impacts on groups with protected characteristics and/or those experiencing socio-economic disadvantage of replacing the examination diet for National 5, Highers and Advanced Highers in 2020 to 2021 with an alternative certification model.

Annex E – SQA National Consultation

In SQA’s National Consultation respondents had to select which subjects they would like to respond to proposed modifications on. They were then presented with questions for only those subjects. Every subject section included the same qualitative question inviting comment on issues of equality or accessibility:

“Are there any potential equality or accessibility issues introduced by the approach proposed for [insert subject title here?] What are they?”.

All equality and accessibility responses were analysed separately and were reported on in a broader equality impact assessment, available here:

The full Technical Consultation can be viewed here:



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