Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cross Party Covid Recovery Steering Group presentation: 9 June 2021

Presentation to the Cross Party Covid Recovery Steering Group on 9 June 2021.

Components for Safe and Effective Recovery

This plan will outline the overall position that we aim to deliver over the life of this Parliament and the actions that will be put in place over the next five years. By 2026 we aim to:

Build Capacity and resilience

We will:

  • Retain sufficient capacity to manage covid
  • Increase NHS Capacity by 10% based on pre-covid levels
  • Increase ICU capacity by 30 beds by 2023
  • Transform Unscheduled Care and roll out redesign of urgent care
  • During 2021 /22 we will increase cataracts capacity by another 8,000 per annum
  • Have all National Treatment Centres (NTCs) fully operational by 2026
  • Increase workforce by an additional 1,500 staff to support the NTCs
  • Establish Detect Cancer Early /Diagnostic Centres (ECDCs) Pilots in 2021/22 and full roll out from 2023/4
  • Deliver steady year on year improvement with milestones set and delivered as part of Remobilisation Plans
  • Continue to enhance services provided by NHS 24 and SAS

Support patients & staff

We will:

  • Introduce wellbeing support for health & social care staff
  • Reduce waiting times for outpatient & inpatient appointments
  • Launch the new Detect Cancer Early lung cancer campaign
  • Invest in diagnostics and scopes
  • Implement clinical prioritisation methodology
  • Invest in Mental Health to transform services and deliver standards
  • Encourage and support clinical and staff engagement for new pathways
  • Maintain approach to Vaccinations
  • Testing to ensure resilience in covid response
  • Roll out technology advances such as the Digital Dermatology Assessment and pill based endoscopy

Change the way we deliver services

We will:

  • Design and implement alternative pathways of care supported by CFSD
  • Embed innovations and digital approaches
  • Sustainability and development of an education programme to provide upskilling of staff

Enhance partnership and engagement

We will:

  • Support our workforce in partnership to recover and to build capacity for the future
  • Engage with the population to agree the basis of our future H&SC system
  • Underpin recovery with whole system approach in partnership with IJBs
  • Communicate clearly our intentions to users of our services and welcome external influence on policy and delivery
  • Publish regular updates on progress against the plan
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