Coronavirus Acts: ninth report to Scottish Parliament (October 2021)

This is the ninth, two-monthly report on the Coronavirus Acts in which we set out the status and operation of the legislation necessary to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This report is the latest in our regular reporting on coronavirus-related legislation.

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2. Background

Reporting requirements

2.1. Section 15 of the first Scottish Act and section 12 of the second Scottish Act requires that the Scottish Government reviews the provisions in Part 1 of the Acts every two months, including reporting on their operation and status.

2.2. The UK Act does not set out an equivalent statutory requirement for reporting by the Scottish Government or other Devolved Administrations. However, as with the approach taken to reports in the previous parliamentary session, the Scottish Government has included information on the provisions of the UK Act for which the Scottish Parliament gave legislative consent.



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