Coronavirus (COVID-19): Surveillance and Response - position statement

Sets out how existing planning arrangements, structures and national health protection guidance is being adapted to address the challenges of the next phases of the public health management of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Annex A: list of data sources

Local partners will use a wide range of data sources to inform their decisions. This includes the measures below.

These will grow as new data sources become available:

Current Indicators

  • NHS24 calls for respiratory symptoms
  • Number of people confirmed positive for COVID-19
  • Number of tests carried out
  • Percentage of positive tests from all tests
  • Numbers and percentage of people attending community hubs with respiratory symptoms testing positive for COVID
  • New hospital admissions for confirmed COVID-19
  • New admissions to Intensive Care for COVID-19
  • Deaths from COVID-19
  • New cases referred to Test and Protect
  • Total contacts identified and traced through Test and Protect

A range of these data are already published as open data by Scottish Government, National Records of Scotland and Public Health Scotland. They can be found here:



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