Consultation on potential controls or prohibition of electronic training aids

Consultation analysis on electronic training aids for pets, dogs and cats.


1 Respondents who selected one of the pre-defined categories remain in that category.

2 If respondents listed 'professional' categories such as animal trainer after pet owner, they have been placed in the first 'professional' category they identified.

3 Dog Society and Cat Society were separate categories on the consultation questionnaire.

4 Please note that a small number of respondents in other categories (such as pet owners) may also have referenced working dogs at some point within their response.

5 Under the 2006 Act an offence under section 19 does not need to involve deliberate cruelty and there is no requirement to prove intent. It is an offence to cause an animal to suffer if you should have known that an animal would suffer due to your actions or neglect.

6 This is an area of devolved responsibility and Defra has no jurisdiction over this matter in Scotland.

7 although this reanalysis did not produce strong enough results to support an amendment to the Defra-funded paper


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