Suicide prevention strategy and action plan drafts: consultation

Consultation on drafts of a new suicide prevention strategy and action plan for Scotland.

Purpose of this Consultation

This is the third and final stage of consultation on Scotland's new Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan (2022).

This document sets out a series of questions which relate to the draft Strategy and Action Plan which accompany this document.

We want you to share your views about the proposed content of these documents which will be published in September 2022. Specifically, we are looking for your views on:

Draft Strategy:

  • The proposed vision for the Strategy
  • The proposed priorities (which will be the focus of the initial 3 year Action Plan)
  • The proposed outcomes we are seeking to achieve over this Strategy
  • The proposed principles on how we work
  • The proposals for delivering and overseeing the Strategy and Action Plan.

Draft Action Plan:

  • The approach we are taking to link actions to support delivery of the outcomes.
  • Any views on continuing to build on the current actions from the current Suicide Prevention Action Plan - Every Life Matters
  • The new actions we are proposing under each outcome
  • Which outcomes and actions you consider should be prioritised.

By sharing your views, you will help us ensure that we produce a suicide prevention Strategy and Action Plan which works for, and is accessible to, everyone in Scotland.

You may feel that you do not want to answer some of the questions contained in the consultation and you can choose to skip questions if you do not have a view or a particular interest in the area we are asking about. Whether you answer all of the questions, or only some, your views will be carefully considered by the Scottish Government and COSLA when we further refine the Strategy and Action Plan ahead of publication in September.



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