New national public health body 'Public Health Scotland': consultation

This consultation document invites views on the proposals for a new national public health body in Scotland, to be known as ‘Public Health Scotland’.



2. Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services (2011)

3. The Scottish Government (2011) Renewing Scotland’s Public Services – Priorities for Reform in Response to the Christie Commission







10. National Performance Framework

11. National Outcomes: 

12. Guide to Public Bodies in Scotland. 

13. Example may be: the establishment of a national framework contract via a lead authority or existing organisation against which local partners may call off services.

14. Public Health Scotland will work with community planning partnerships, local authority leads, Integration Authorities, delivery partners, the third sector and other stakeholders to develop an agreed intelligence-led and transparent process for the long term strategic and co-ordinated planning of services in relation to public health, building upon existing good practice. By planning, we mean supporting the shared assessment of and forecast of needs, linking investment to outcomes, considering options and supporting partners to plan the nature, range and quality of future services in support of public health outcomes. Contracting and procurement procedures will support the planning process and will rest with the appropriate local or national body or bodies (such as NHS Procurement).

15. S.S.I. 2001/302.



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