New national public health body 'Public Health Scotland': consultation

This consultation document invites views on the proposals for a new national public health body in Scotland, to be known as ‘Public Health Scotland’.

Chapter 13: Business Regulatory Impact Assessment

1. All policy changes, whether European or domestic, which may have an impact upon business or the third sector should be accompanied by a Business Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA).

2. The BRIA helps policy makers to use available evidence to find proposals that best achieve the policy objectives, whilst minimising costs and burdens. Through consultation and engagement with business, the costs and benefits of the proposed legislation can be analysed. It also ensures that any impact on business, particularly small enterprises, is fully considered before regulations are made.

3. A partial BRIA has been published alongside this consultation for consideration. The Scottish Government welcomes your views on the partial BRIA and the impact that the proposals presented in this consultation paper may have on businesses and the third sector.

Question 18: What are your views regarding the impact that the proposals in this paper may have on the important contribution to be made by businesses and the third sector?



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