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Early medical abortion at home: consultation

Published: 30 Sep 2020

We are seeking views on the future arrangements for early medical abortion at home across Scotland. The responses will help to inform our decision on whether the current arrangements should continue once there is no longer a significant risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Early medical abortion at home: consultation


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5. Please note the data provided has not gone through the same robust checking process as official statistics.

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7. See NICE guidance leaflet for more information on potential complications from medical and surgical abortions -

8. It was agreed with SACP members that significant complications should include: hospital admission, haemorrhage (over 500ml of blood) or requiring blood transfusion, severe infection requiring antibiotic treatment, a missed ectopic pregnancy or complications due to the pregnancy being at a later gestation than anticipated.

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15. Note – these are the guidelines as at 31 March 2020. These guidelines may be updated from time to time.