Fees for seed testing, seed certification and associated seed functions: consultation

Consultation on amending fees for seed certification, seed testing & associated seed functions to allow full cost recovery.

Licensed Professional Operators (Seed Merchants, Seed Processors and or Seed Packers)

Once a company or individual licenced with the Certifying Authority as a seed merchant, seed processor and / or seed packer, Scottish Government must ensure that the seed sold, processed or packaged by them:

  • 'is what it says it is, on the label' – certified seed of a registered variety, that meets standards listed in Schedule 4 of each of the Scottish marketing regulations;
  • is correctly packaged, labelled and sealed and;
  • has the appropriate documentation that forms an audit trial.

RPID staff must routinely visit registered premises where seed is being stored in a warehouse or being processed/packaged, to ensure compliance with the licencing and marketing regulations. Where the individual / company acts solely as a seed merchant, buying and selling, but is never in physical possession of the seed, only a check of records is required to satisfy the licencing conditions.

The Scottish register of Licensed Professional Operators can be found at:



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