Guidance on assessing capacity and considering wellbeing: analysis of consultation responses

Analysis of consultation responses on guidance for education authorities and school staff on assessment of capacity and consideration of wellbeing of children.

Chapter 6 Key Principles of assessment

Respondents were asked Is the information provided in Chapter 6 appropriate.

They also had the opportunity to suggest potential improvements.


Option Total Percentage
Yes 11 52.38%
No 8 38.10%
Don't Know 0 0%
Did not answer 2 9.52%

Although as the results above suggest there was a positive response to this chapter, there was a theme in responses that the purpose of the information included in this chapter was not always clear.

Changes to Chapter 6

On this basis the information within Chapter 6 was reviewed, and based on consultation comments some text was redistributed as appropriate, for example:

  • Information on the participation of children in their rights was added to Chapter 2 (Children's Rights).
  • Following Chapter 3 (Assessment of Capacity) and Chapter 4 (Consideration of Wellbeing), information was added to the end of Chapter 4 on further advice on both assessments.

After reviewing Chapter 6 and relocating relevant material, the remaining text and chapter was deleted.


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