Guidance on assessing capacity and considering wellbeing: analysis of consultation responses

Analysis of consultation responses on guidance for education authorities and school staff on assessment of capacity and consideration of wellbeing of children.

Chapter 5 Assessment of change of circumstances

Respondents were asked Is the information provided in Chapter 5 appropriate?

They also had the opportunity to suggest potential improvements.


Option Total Percentage
Yes 12 57.14%
No 6 28.57%
Don't Know 1 4.76%
Did not answer 2 9.52%

As the results above suggest the majority of responses within this chapter were positive, for example, "Feel the information provided is appropriate and has the child at the centre of change and decision making throughout the chapter."

Changes to Chapter 5 included:

  • Based on a consultation comment on this chapter, it was added to both chapters 3 and 4 (Assessment of Capacity/Consideration of Wellbeing) that it is recognised that Looked After Children who have recently moved placement may not be well known by their school, and that information to support decision making should be drawn from information which is known about the child from their child's plan, and from those who know them well outside of school, for example their social worker.
  • There were also comments regarding timescales, where a child has requested to exercise their rights within a short period of time after an earlier request to use similar right. A section on timescales was added to Chapter 3 and 4, which clarifies that, there is no timescale set in statute for these decisions to be completed.


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