Outline of current quota allocation history and process. Possible changes to the Scottish allocation system.

Annex D

Summary of 2013 FQA holdings on Scottish licences by category of holder

Percentage of units held by category of holder in specified quota stocks

Nephrops Pelagic Whitefish
Fishing vessel licensees 49.7 99.2 58.2
PO dummy licences Community Quota scheme 7.8 0 7.9
Fishing vessel licensee in membership of PO 16.4 0 7.4
Fishing vessel licensee not in membership of PO 0.8 0 0.1
Limited Liability Partnerships 0.3 0 0
Parked licences 0.3 0 0
Units held by PO for common benefit of members. 14.1 0.8 8.3
Units held on behalf of corporate bodies. 0.6 0 0.1
Units held on behalf of fishing vessel agents and owners 5.1 0 13.4
Units held on behalf of private persons that are not fishing vessel licensees. 4.3 0 3.8
Other. 0.1 0 0.8

In this table:

"Whitefish": NS, WoS and Rockall: Cod, Haddock, Whiting, Saithe, Monkfish, Megrim, Hake, Ling, Plaice.

"Nephrops": NS and WoS Nephrops.

"Pelagic": NS Herring, WC Herring, WC Mackerel.


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