Spreading of sewage sludge to land - impacts on human health and the environment: community concerns

This workshop summary report is part of the research project undertaken by the James Hutton Institute on the impacts on human health and environment arising from the spreading of sewage sludge to land (CR/2016/23).

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What are the major concerns?

As before the facilitators clustered groups of similar issues and ideas. Participants were given sticky dots and invited to visit each other's break-out stations and vote on those statements most important to them as individuals. The complete list of statements can be found in appendix 2.

The main clusters (Table 2) were then used to lead a plenary discussion

Table 2. Major concerns
Clusters Votes
Independent soil testing / annual testing 38
SEPA not regulating / need to be more involved 34
Who is responsible /accountable? 18
Should be banned 13
[Project] Investigate alternatives 9
[Community] independently log loads and destinations 6
[Contractors should] Adhere to regulations 5
Project to presume criminal behaviour [risk assessment models] 4
Better policing 4
Communities share information 3
[Access to] Map of metal concentrations 1
Ban until proved safe 0



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