Commission for the Land-based Learning Review minutes: February 2022

Minutes of the meeting of the Commission to Review Land-based Learning held on 24 February 2022.

Attendees and apologies


  • Liz Barron-Majerik
  • Ishabel Bremner
  • Chris Brodie
  • Rachel Cowper
  • Steven Grier
  • George Jamieson
  • Heather Jones
  • Lesley Laird
  • Andy Leitch
  • Jamie Newbold
  • Amy Jo Reid
  • Gail Robertson
  • Claudia Rowse
  • David Thomson
  • James Wylie

Scottish Government

  • Muriel Mackenzie
  • Philip Raines
  • Connie Smith
  • Heather Wilson



  • Bernard Chisholm

Scottish Government

  • Amanda Fox

Items and actions

Commission work streams (paper one)

Members discussed and agreed members and leads for the five groups. All Commission members will have the opportunity to input to the 5 work streams. 

Awareness and Perception theme leads: Amy Jo Reid, Heather Jones. Members: Chris Brodie, Steven Grier, George Jamieson, Gail Robertson, Claudia Rowse. 

Delivery theme lead: Claudia Rowse. Members: Ishabel Bremner, Jamie Newbold, David Thomson, James Wylie.

Exposure theme lead: George Jamieson. Members: Amy Jo Reid, Rachel Cowper, David Thomson. 

Place theme lead: Andy Leitch. Members: Bernard Chisholm, Heather Jones, Jamie Newbold, Gail Robertson.

Structure theme lead: Liz Barron Majerik. Members: Ishabel Bremner, Chris Brodie, Heather Jones, Lesley Laird.

The Commission agreed that work stream groups would:

  • agree the principal issues for their theme
  • identify their own approach
  • define and refine questions to take to stakeholders, developing the draft questions agreed at previous Commission meetings
  • look at barriers and issues for learning pathways for the 5 themes, stepping stones, obstacles on learning journeys
  • also look at what is working well and solutions
  • identify gaps in knowledge and are encouraged to discuss their research needs with the secretariat
  • experience and practice in other countries will be sought

There were some concerns raised on the tight timescales for delivery at the end of December 2022. The Commission asked the secretariat to create a visual timeline, based on the Terms of Reference, working back from the December deadline, showing milestones and activities.

By 15 April, work stream leads will share the agreed questions for the 5 themes with the co-chairs to allow them to consider and facilitate a deep dive session at the Commission meeting on 28 April. At this meeting, the questions from the 5 work stream groups will be discussed. It is recognised that there will be overlaps.
The Commission agreed to develop and use illustrations of systems and pathways. The secretariat will help develop this.


  • secretariat will produce a visual timeline, working back from the deadline, highlighting milestones
  • secretariat will provide draft questions from previous meetings to the work stream groups
  • secretariat will provide support to work stream groups, including support on how to use Knowledge Hub
  • work stream leads to share questions with the co-chairs by email by 15 April 2022
  • 28 April 2022 Commission meeting will include a deep dive session at to discuss outputs from the work stream groups
  • secretariat will develop illustrations of learning systems and pathways to share with the Commission

Stakeholder engagement (paper two)

There was discussion on the ‘Who’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ of the Commission’s planned stakeholder engagement. The process involved be clear about the scale of challenges, gathering and updating evidence, identify, testing and seeking endorsement of solutions. It is envisaged this will be an iterative process.


Add to current list of stakeholders.
Once questions are agreed, directed them to relevant stakeholders to questions.
Consider diversity of stakeholders and aim for participative, inclusive engagement.
Work stream groups will identify stakeholders and where they can contribute.
Different sectors – reflect their different cultures e.g. how they recruit


Stakeholder engagement will be driven by the Commission needs, informed by the questions from the work stream groups.
Commission will spend time standardising the questions for stakeholders and examining any overlaps.
It is also an opportunity to showcase what’s working well and examine barriers faced.
Ensure the Commission has the evidence base to support recommendations.


Will be determined by type of stakeholders and participants and requirements for commission.
Opportunity to contribute online, or more informally to the process
Secretariat will share SG consultation guidance

Secretariat update

The Secretariat will ensure that all Commission members have access to the Knowledge Hub
Wiki pages will be set up on Knowledge Hub for each of the work stream groups

Data gathering - presentation on 16+ Data Hub

Patricia Thomson, Skills Development Scotland gave a presentation on the 16+ Data Hub. Discussion focused on potential access and use of the data.

Action points:

Secretariat will share presentation slides
Patricia will provide initial data in next few weeks and take further possibilities of and requests for data from there.
Secretariat will share SG consultation guidance with the Commission
Secretariat will provide information on how to use Knowledge Hub and will set up wiki pages for each of the work stream groups

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