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Commission on the Delivery of Rural Education: report

Published: 19 Apr 2013
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The independent commission on the Delivery of Rural Education was established by the Scottish Government and COSLA in July 2011. This Report makes recommendations on the delivery of all aspects of education in rural areas.

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70 page PDF

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Commission on the Delivery of Rural Education: report

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1. Commission members are listed in the Annex.

2. 'Joining the Dots' by S Deacon (2011)

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3. Vocationally sensitive education is education that is responsive to vocational opportunities in the area.

4. Outstation learning involves a physical centre in the rural area and distance learning is carried out remotely, e.g. through the internet. Blended learning combines some face-to-face teaching with distance learning.

5. Glow is the digital network for Scottish Education currently managed by Education Scotland.



8. Basic jobs are those that generate sales of products or services outside the region; dependent jobs are those that service the needs of the regional population.

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11. This data is derived from the following Scottish Government statistics, and an additional pro-rata uplift also applies since 2007.

12. Rolls were modelled in line with roll variation for the local authority area.

13. Excluding the uplift referred to in the footnote to paragraph 97.

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17. The views expressed in paragraph 88 also apply here.


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