Waste management - sampling and reporting at materials facilities: draft code of practice

We intend to issue a new code of practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities to replace the current Code issued on 2 March 2015. This draft code of practice was open for consultation until 19 April 2024.

6. Next and end destination recording and reporting

This section applies to any authorised MF operator handling 1,000 tonnes or more of dry recyclable waste per annum and:

  • Sorting dry recyclable waste into specified output material, and/or
  • Consolidates or ‘bulking’ dry recyclable waste from two or more suppliers.

6.1. Recording and reporting requirements

33. An authorised MF operator with obligations under this section must record the following information and report it to SEPA for each type of material leaving the facility in each reporting period:

a) The end destination or, where this is not available, the next destination for the materials leaving the facility (including the relevant authorisation/permit/licence numbers, and where appropriate export destination details).

b) The use to which the material will be put and/or the treatment to which the material will be subjected at the end destination or, where this is not available, the next destination.

c) The location (country, region, city) to which the materials are to be sent.

6.2. Confidentiality

34. All information collected by SEPA under this section will be treated as confidential, in keeping with its commercially sensitive nature.

35. Notwithstanding paragraph 34, SEPA may share information collected under this section with the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland, and the EPR scheme administrator (or any person who is exercising functions on the Scheme Administrator’s behalf), who will continue to treat the information as commercially confidential.


Email: producerresponsibility@gov.scot

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