Handling environmental appeals through hearings or local inquiries: code of practice

Planning and Environmental Appeals Division code of practice on procedures for handling environmental appeals.

Site inspection

21. At any time during the appeal, the reporter may choose to carry out an inspection of the site or any other area relevant to the application. S/he may do this unaccompanied or parties may be invited to attend. Anyone invited to attend the site inspection will be given notice of the arrangements.

22. The purpose of the site inspection is to give the reporter an opportunity to familiarise him/herself with the location and how it relates to the issues raised by the appeal. Those attending will not be allowed to discuss the merits of the case with the reporter, although they may point out particular physical features or be asked to respond to factual questions about the site. In some cases where the site inspection relates to the subject of a hearing session, the reporter may allow discussion from the hearing session to continue on site (see Annex A, paragraph 6).


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