Handling environmental appeals through hearings or local inquiries: code of practice

Planning and Environmental Appeals Division code of practice on procedures for handling environmental appeals.

Need for, and choice of, further procedure

13. On taking up appointment the reporter will consider the submissions made by the appellant and SEPA and any representations made by third parties where these are provided for in the relevant legislation. The reporter will then identify the main issues in the case and decide whether s/he requires any additional information or evidence on these. So, for example, the reporter may consider that there is sufficient information in the documents that have been submitted to enable him/her to reach a conclusion on a particular issue or issues and that no further procedure is required in relation to those issues. Where further information or evidence is required the reporter will make a preliminary assessment of how that further information should be obtained: by written submissions, a hearing session, an inquiry session or a combination of these.


Email: Central Enquiries Unit ceu@gov.scot

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