Scottish climate change adaptation programme: progress report 2019

Fifth annual progress report on the Climate Ready Scotland: Scottish climate change adaptation programme (SCCAP) 2014.

Annex A: Summary of Significant Achievements of The 2014 Programme

Significant achievements and developments in climate change adaptation to date in Scotland, highlighted by previous Annual Progress Reports, include:

Natural Environment

  • Significantly improved data on coastal change with Scotland's National Coastal Change Assessment.
  • Progress by the Peatland Action Fund and Climate Change Plan commitments to restoring large areas of peatland.
  • Climate Change Plan commitments to increasing forestry.
  • New Forestry Strategy and Fourth edition of UK Forestry Standard.
  • SNH's Green Infrastructure Fund.
  • Appointment of Chief Plant Health Officer for Scotland in 2017 and launch of the Centre of Expertise in Plant Health in 2018.
  • In May 2019, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service announced a new approach to preventing wildfires.

Buildings and Infrastructure

  • £42 million Scottish Government funding pledged annually to 2026 for local authority flood protection schemes.
  • Scotland's Flood Risk Management Framework.
  • SEPA's updated National Flood Risk Assessment.
  • Comprehensive programme of engagement on flood risk, including RiverTrack flood alert projects.
  • Mapping Flood Disadvantage report.
  • National Centre for Resilience.
  • Programme for Government commitment on Blue-Green Cities and investment in the Scottish Storm Water Management Strategy.
  • The more resilient Queensferry Crossing, the biggest infrastructure project in Scotland in a generation.
  • A82 Steep Ground Harvesting Project.
  • Climate Change Plan commitments to improving the energy performance of our housing stock.
  • Risk Assessment of Historic Environment Scotland's Estate with 336 properties in care.
  • Historic Environment Scotland's Engine Shed building conservation centre.
  • Climate risk assessments by every NHS Board.
  • Estates review by the University of St Andrews.
  • In May 2019, SNH published Looking ahead – planning for coastal change.


  • Strong adaptation focus of key public bodies and publicly-owned companies: SEPA, Scottish Water, the NHS in Scotland, SNH, Scottish Forestry, Historic Environment Scotland, Marine Scotland and Transport Scotland.
  • Collaborative regional and city partnerships: Climate Ready Clyde, Edinburgh Adapts, Aberdeen Adapts and Levenmouth Adapts.
  • NHS Scotland climate change risk assessment process.
  • ClimateXChange, Health Facilities Scotland and Health Protection Scotland scoping study on overheating risks in buildings housing vulnerable people.
  • A move from voluntary to mandatory public bodies reporting duties.
  • The many activities and resources of the Adaptation Scotland support programme delivered by sustainability charity Sniffer funded under contract to the Scottish Government.
  • Adaptation Scotland's guidance for public sector and business sector, and adaptation VIBES (Scottish Environment Business) Award.
  • Climate adaptation indicators.
  • The appointment of Adaptation Research Fellowships to help address research priorities.
  • Adaptation plan at Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve.
  • British-Irish Council Environment Work Sector collaboration on adaptation.
  • The Scottish Government's Climate Justice Fund support for adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa's most climate-vulnerable communities.
  • EU consultation on its Adaptation Strategy.



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