Scottish climate change adaptation programme: progress report 2019

Fifth annual progress report on the Climate Ready Scotland: Scottish climate change adaptation programme (SCCAP) 2014.

The Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2014

Climate Ready Scotland, Scotland's first statutory five-year Climate Change Adaptation Programme, was published in May 2014. The Programme aimed "to increase the resilience of Scotland's people, environment and economy to the impacts of a changing climate".

The Programme sets out Scottish Ministers' objectives in addressing over 130 climate risks identified for Scotland in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2012.

The Programme contains a broad package of measures that:

  • help Scotland adapt to the effects of climate change;
  • create a more resilient country for us to live and work in; and
  • help to protect Scotland's much loved natural environment.

The Programme included more than 150 policies and proposals under three themes: (i) natural environment (ii) buildings and infrastructure (iii) society.

Key policy areas covered include: flood protection and flood warning, resilience, water supply, energy supply, transport, the National Coastal Change Assessment, planning, historic environment, natural environment and biodiversity.



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