Cleaner Air for Scotland 2: delivery plan

A plan setting out timelines, milestones and responsible organisations for delivering the actions in Cleaner Air for Scotland 2: towards a better place for everyone.

Priority 5: Behaviour change

We will develop an effective public engagement strategy for air quality, drawing upon an assortment of different approaches, using materials from other successful strategies to build a coordinated suite of multi-media initiatives

Our strategic approach includes:


7. We ensure the Scottish public are aware of air pollution issues and empowered to make behaviour changes that contribute towards improving air quality and reducing exposure.


Our key short term action (to 2022)

  • The Scottish Government will commission a baseline survey of current awareness amongst the Scottish public of air pollution health effects and source contributors.

Our key medium term action (to 2024)

  • Scottish Government will actively link with other agencies and organisations that are not air quality specific, but which deliver programmes having co-benefits for air quality improvements and behavioural change, such as Cycling Scotland, Sustrans and Living Streets.
  • The Scottish Government will develop a public engagement strategy on air quality in Scotland, taking into account the recommendations from the evidence review.

Our key long term action (to 2026)

Scottish Government will continue to support Clean Air Day and other activities promoting raising awareness of air pollution.



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