Civil justice statistics in Scotland: 2013-2014

The 2013-14 Civil Justice in Scotland release includes:

1. Main statistics tables (compromising tables that appear in this bulletin)

2. Divorce & dissolution statistics tables (further breakdowns on divorce & dissolution)

3. Supplementary statistics tables (additional statistics on civil law cases in sheriff courts and the Court of Session)

4. Background data tables (an interactive dataset on civil law court cases by court, that can be used to generate user customised tables and charts)

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Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2013-14

Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2013-14

There were 77,173 civil law cases initiated in 2013-14, a similar number to 2012-13.

The number of civil law cases in 2013-14 was 41 per cent lower than 2008-09, largely because debt cases have nearly halved since then.

Nearly a third of personal injury cases were raised in the Court of Session where they made up over three quarters of the cases in the General Department.


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