Public procurement strategy: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment - screening sheet

Child rights and wellbeing impact assessment screening sheet for the public procurement strategy for Scotland.

4. Which groups of children and young people will be affected?

Under the UNCRC, 'children' can refer to: individual children, groups of children, or children in general. Some groups of children will relate to the groups with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010: disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation. 'Groups' can also refer to children by age band or setting, or those who are eligible for special protection or assistance: e.g. preschool children, children in hospital, children in rural areas, looked after children, young people who offend, victims of abuse or exploitation, child migrants, or children living in poverty.

As noted above, the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland is supporting policies and initiative which are for the benefit of the people of Scotland. As such this includes Children and Young people. The policies and initiatives that sit underneath will directly consider how they can address Impacts on Children and Young people in their implementation. These will specifically look at the group of Children and Young people that they impact.



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