Public procurement strategy: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment - screening sheet

Child rights and wellbeing impact assessment screening sheet for the public procurement strategy for Scotland.

3. What likely impact – direct or indirect – will the policy/measure have on children and young people?

'Direct' impact refers to policies/measures where children and young people are directly affected by the proposed changes, e.g. in early years, education, child protection or looked after children (children in care).

'Indirect' impact refers to policies/measures that are not directly aimed at children

but will have an impact on them. Examples include: welfare reforms, parental leave, housing supply, or local transport schemes.

The impacts of the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland will be Indirect. The strategic aims will be set at a high, national level, with the policies and initiatives that sit underneath will directly consider how they can address Impacts on Children and Young people in their implementation. The Strategy itself will be clearly signposting that these policies and initiatives should be part of the focus for Public Procurement in Scotland.

The Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland is supporting policies and initiative which are for the benefit to the people of Scotland. As such this includes Children and Young people.



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