Ukraine - Super Sponsor Scheme - 16 interventions: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment

A review of the Super Sponsor Scheme was undertaken, which identified 16 interventions designed to improve sustainability and empowerment of the scheme.

5. How will the policy/measure give better or further effect to the implementation of the UNCRC in Scotland?

Our policy approach and programme will give better effect to a number of articles under the UNCRC.

Firstly, Article 22 ‘Refugee Children’ mandates appropriate protection and humanitarian assistance. Article 27 ‘Adequate standard of living’ relates to the provision of an adequate standard of care and helping parent(s) or other adults responsible for the child where able. By continuing to provide welcome accommodation to new arrivals, we are adhering to the requirements of these articles. In addition, our robust safeguarding and well-being policies should ensure we adhere to articles 34( sexual exploitation) and 35 (abduction, sale and trafficking).

The universal accommodation offer and ability to access employment, education and benefits where eligible aligns with the GIRFEC policy framework by ensuring everyone is treated equally and providing support for children, young people and families when they need it.



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