Ukraine - Super Sponsor Scheme - 16 interventions: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment

A review of the Super Sponsor Scheme was undertaken, which identified 16 interventions designed to improve sustainability and empowerment of the scheme.

3. Will there be different impacts on different groups of children and young people?

Children fleeing from the conflict in Ukraine will be affected by any proposed operational policy changes. Although numbers in welcome accommodation is on a decreasing trend, there are still a significant number of displaced children from Ukraine residing in Scotland, either in welcome accommodation or more settled housing. With 3000 Ukrainian children were enrolled in primary and secondary schools across Scotland since first reported in September 2023.

We will consider the impact of policy changes across all age groups and in all circumstances. For example, those in more settled accommodation may be less impacted by changes to lunch and dinner provision as they have facilities to cook while those of school age will still enjoy free lunches in line with wider Scottish Government policy.

A strong focus on safeguarding underpins our approach and we are working closely with Local Authorities to ensure all the necessary safeguarding and welfare checks are undertaken.



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