Child poverty cumulative impact assessment: update

This report estimates the impact of Scottish Government policies on child poverty, updating the modelling that was originally undertaken for the second Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan.


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3 These policies are: Free School Meals; School Clothing Grant; Council Tax Reduction (including water and sewerage discount); Discretionary Housing Payments (bedroom tax and benefit cap mitigation); Carers Allowance Supplement; Best Start Grant; Best Start Foods; Scottish Child Payment; and employability services.

4 Including changes to policies as opposed to policies themselves raises the question of what the counterfactual should be. In general, counterfactuals can be constructed along three different lines, depending on the research question: first, we can estimate the impact of policies as a whole, which generally entails a counterfactual in which those policies do not exist; second, we can estimate the impact of policy decisions made or implemented since a certain date, including the introduction of new policies and changes to existing policies, with the counterfactual projected forwards from that date using a set of assumptions; and third, we can estimate the impact of policies relative to some contemporaneous comparator, such as UK Government provision. Thus far, the CIA has involved the first of these approaches, which cannot be straightforwardly combined with the second or third.

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7 This difference is based on unrounded estimates.

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9 This difference is based on unrounded estimates.

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14 Our estimate compares to analysis by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), which suggested that removing the two-child limit would lift between 10,000 and 15,000 children out of poverty, and unpublished House of Commons Library (HOCL) analysis commissioned by the SNP which gave a figure of 20,000. The CPAG figure is consistent with our estimate given rounding conventions. The higher HOCL figure may reflect the use of a different year of analysis, since as noted the impact will increase over time, but this cannot be verified as the analysis was not published. CPAG, 2023, Cost of living and child poverty: Scottish Government debate.

15 This modelling assumes Universal Credit is fully rolled out, since the policy would also apply to legacy benefits. In line with JRF’s modelling, deductions affected by the Essentials Guarantee are not modelled apart from the benefit cap.



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