Child Disability Payment Amendment Regulations: draft island communities impact assessment

The Islands Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) considers the Disability Assistance For Children And Young People (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2021 in relation to their impacts on people living in the Islands under Section 8 of the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018.

Choice and representation

66. We heard how there are limited options for young people living in island and remote communities with regard to leisure activities, support services and support groups with the importance of choice being a key theme in both consultations. However such choices are often diminished or non-existent in rural areas.

67. The importance of representation was also raised. We will ensure that young people, carers, parents and guardians can navigate the process of applying for and maintaining CDP by phone, online, by post or in-person. Social Security Scotland local delivery officers will also share locations with other services so that they are based where clients currently go to ensure that clients can access advice and support in existing island locations. This will help to ensure that individuals can interact with Social Security Scotland in a way that best meets their needs.

68. It will be clear to individuals what they are required to provide. Person-centred support will be available to those who need it to support individuals to navigate the process of applying for CDP.

69. Children and young people will not be required to undergo a face-to-face consultations.

70. Determinations will be made based on existing supporting information. Practitioners will be able to provide case managers with information and advice based on their professional experience of working in health or social care on a number of issues, including: the side effects of a particular medication; how a specific condition generally impacts children; or the way in which two different conditions may interact.



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