Social Security Scotland: our charter

Explains how people engaging with Social Security Scotland will be treated with dignity and respect.

A better future

We will invest in the people of Scotland – making a positive difference to all our lives.

The Scottish Government will:

1. embed the social security principles and Our Charter in the policymaking process

2. involve people with diverse lived experiences of social security in developing policy

3. develop policy that seeks to advance equality, non- discrimination and the human right to social security as defined in laws, treaties and guidance

4. use social security powers to help ensure people can play a full and active part in society

5. promote a positive view of social security, explaining it is a public service to be proud of – a human right there for all of us who need it

6. publicly challenge the myths and stereotypes about social security to help reduce stigma and negativity

7. change the language on social security - introducing more positive words to describe the service and the people who use it

8. look for ways to make eligibility rules fairer and consider creating new benefits to meet people's changing needs

9. review the payment levels of Scottish benefits every year

10. increase the value of disability, employment-injury, carers and funeral expense benefits every year in line with inflation

11. work to improve take-up, ensuring as many people as possible get what they are entitled to, making a particular effort to reach people who are most likely to be excluded

12. use social security powers to contribute towards tackling poverty

13. work with other public services to support delivery of the National Outcomes. These define the Scottish Government's vision for a fairer, more prosperous Scotland

14. allocate resources fairly and efficiently, delivering value for money in a way that puts people first

15. develop ways of measuring how we are doing against the commitments in Our Charter.



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