Social Security Scotland: our charter

Explains how people engaging with Social Security Scotland will be treated with dignity and respect.

Processes that work

We will design services with the people who use them.

Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government will:

1. make communications, processes and systems as simple and clear as possible by testing them with the people who will use them

2. recognise that your time is precious and handle your application and enquiries as quickly as we can

3. adapt processes and ways of communicating as much as we reasonably can to meet your needs and preferences, for example by providing interpreters

4. support your wellbeing and make your contact with us as positive and stress-free as possible

5. ensure that disabled people who need help with the application process can get independent advocacy

6. deliver face-to-face services in local communities in places that are convenient and accessible. This includes home visits if appropriate

7. look at your application again if you disagree with a decision. This is called a re-determination. When we do this someone different will look at it as if it was a completely new application

8. explain how you can appeal if you still don't think the right decision has been made after a re-determination

9. continue to pay you at the same level if you challenge a decision to reduce or stop your benefit

10. only carry out a face-to-face assessment for disability benefits when we are not able to make a decision with information that is already available

11. ensure face-to-face assessments are carried out in a way that puts your wellbeing first

12. make sure that face-to-face assessments are carried out by qualified staff who understand your condition and the impact it is having on you.


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