Social Security Scotland: our charter

Explains how people engaging with Social Security Scotland will be treated with dignity and respect.

A learning system

We will encourage feedback and empower people to deliver the best service possible.

Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government will:

1. listen, learn and improve by owning up to mistakes and valuing feedback, complaints and appeal decisions

2. encourage you to provide feedback, explain how you can complain and do everything we can to make things right

3. involve people using the service in measuring how well it works - including the commitments in Our Charter

4. make sure staff are well trained, supported and well equipped to do their jobs

5. ensure staff understand the needs of different people and the barriers they face - so that no-one experiences discrimination because of who they are

6. encourage staff to speak up when they feel we could provide a better service

7. build a workforce that reflects the diversity of the people of Scotland

8. create a culture of trust by being open and transparent

9. work with other organisations to ensure services and policy are joined up to provide the best possible help and support

10. encourage other organisations working in social security to adopt the approach described in Our Charter

11. base services in places that are accessible and welcoming for everyone.


Email: Siobhan Toner

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