Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities for People who use the NHS in Scotland - Consultation report

The Consultation report provides details of the findings of the consultation on the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for people who use the NHS in Scotland and action taken as a result of the consultation.

3. Responses

Of the 63 responses received by the extended closing date of 4 July, 13(21%) were from individuals and 50 (79%) were from organisations/bodies. Four responses received after this date from 2 individuals and 2 professional representative bodies have been taken into account in the review of the Charter. The late responses have not been published with the others but they have been taken into account in the review of the Charter and are reflected in this analysis and report on responses.

The published responses, where respondents gave permission and their response was received before the closing date, can be viewed on the Scottish Government website at: The 63 responses received by interest group are as follows:

Interest Group Number of Respondents % of responses
Individuals 13 21
Patient/Public Representative Bodies 21 33
Professional Representative Bodies 14 22
NHS Health Boards/Bodies 14 22
Local Authority 1 2
Total 63 100

Responses from Interest Groups

A list of respondents can be found at AnnexB.


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