The Carer's Assistance (Carer Support Payment) (Scotland) Draft Regulations 2023: policy note

This instrument sets out the rules and eligibility criteria for The Carer’s Assistance (Carer Support Payment) (Scotland) Draft Regulations 2023 and includes provision for transfer of benefits for individuals who live in Scotland and receive CA to Social Security Scotland and Carer Support Payment.

Financial Effects

A Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) has been completed [and is provided with this instrument]. The Scottish Government does not believe that Carer Support Payment will have an adverse impact on the competitiveness of Scottish companies or the third sector within Scotland, the UK, or elsewhere in Europe or the rest of the world. The Scottish Government expects that there may be limited impact on the operational business of local authorities or health boards as a result of introducing these regulations.

The right to appeal to a First-tier Tribunal is provided for in the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018. Legal Assistance will continue to be available to individuals to appeal an entitlement decision to the Upper Tribunal, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court. The Scottish Government does not expect any adverse impact to the Legal Aid budget as a result of the introduction of Carer Support Payment. Current recipients of Carer's Allowance are already able to access legal aid to appeal entitlement decisions.

Scottish Government

Social Security Directorate

02 March 2023



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