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CAMERAS: Scottish environmental monitoring strategy

Published: 5 Dec 2011
Environment and Forestry Directorate
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Environment and climate change

The Scottish environmental monitoring strategy.

CAMERAS: Scottish environmental monitoring strategy
Success Criteria for this Strategy

Success Criteria for this Strategy

The high-level measure of success is the achievement of the vision to provide the evidence needed by decision-makers to protect and improve the environment.

This strategy has identified two key weaknesses of existing monitoring activities:

  • an uneven distribution of monitoring resources which is not related to environmental risk
  • limited ability to track the effects of pressures across the environment and society

The success of this strategy will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  • detailed monitoring strategies are produced for the topics identified by the Coordination Group
  • the detailed strategies benefit monitoring activity in Scotland in a manner that addresses the weaknesses identified in this strategy
  • the resultant monitoring data is openly available and more relevant to Scottish, UK and EU needs


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